02 September 2011

Insta Friday!

Good Morning!! Before I head off to work, I am sharing a few photos that I took with instagram this week!

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 Did a little crafting last night-I am making some more onesies for my bestie's baby!
 I have FOUR hydrangea blooms in my yard- that makes me so excited because it's my favorite flower! One day, I'll have a garden full of them.  ::sigh::
 Wow.  I cleaned out the pantry this week-and it was NOT fun..but now it looks way better!  Before and After photos to come soon!
 Hubby and I went to the park and Penny loved it-  she sniffs everything imaginable and runs around all day.  It was so much fun.
 Can you say SPOILED? 
We had breakfast for dinner.  Why does it always taste better for dinner?  YUM YUM!

Happy Weekend, Friends!!!


  1. looks like a fun week with cell pics!!!!

    luv the instaFriday!!!

  2. Um, yes, breakfast DOES taste better for dinner. And I have no clue why. haha Found you through Life Rearranged! Love your layout design so cute!!

  3. omg i love instagram. i am so addicted. i use it way more than my regualr camera.

    those hydrangeas are beautiful!!

  4. Oh my gosh are those chocolate chip pancakes? I love chocolate chips pancakes! I am stopping by from Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend!