19 September 2011

How to decorate around the TV.

So...if you've stuck around here for the past several weeks, you know that I had a big design stump that I was trying to get over.

How to decorate around the TV.

I just couldn't figure out how to hang photos, decor, etc around the TV and make it look decent.  The TV kept being an eye sore because it's so big and I didn't really have any decor that I liked to hang around it.

Until I got a special something in the mail:

I ordered these prints from one of my favorite blogs ever, Jones Design Company.  She had this package half price for a couple days, so I decided to snatch em up! I have always wanted to put some scripture in our living room, and so I knew these would be perfect for it. 

And it would solve my problem of decorating around the television.

I semi-fixed the problem a few weeks ago when I moved in our wedding bench underneath a painting I had...

But I still wasn't crazy about it...

And now, take a look!

I got the frames from, get this, DOLLAR TREE! For $1 each..(duh)  So for a total of $6 I got six frames. Yeah, I am excited about that one.

The little shelf above the TV is from Goodwill for $2.  So are the pumpkins (they were .39 and .69 cents each)  The bird is from The Dollar Tree for $1 and I sprayed it pink.

Love it!!! I think it works very nicely with the TV and doesn't make it such an eye sore.

What do you think?  You like it?  I sure do!

Want to know what my next project will be?   SLIPCOVERING those rose chairs that you see in the pictures..I have a few ideas up my sleeve and boy am I excited!  It won't be for a while, so don't hold your breath.  I may round up my mom to come visit so she can help me! :)  You up for it, mom?

And I just realized that the title of this post "How to decorate around the TV" isn't that great of a title because I really didn't give a "how to".  But that's alright..I'll give one now:

How to decorate around the TV (in my opinion)

1. Having some symmetry around it helps to balance the bulkiness of the TV.  It draws your eyes to the decor instead of the big black square (the TV)
2.  Having scripture around the TV is even better because it helps you not watch trash TV (like Bachelor Pad, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom) because then you'll feel guilty.

haha! Just kidding...

3. Adding some depth and dimension by small shelves also help to balance the TV because...well I don't really know why, but it just does.
4.  That's about it.  Just do what makes you happy!

And this makes me happy.

I love it.

and I just said the word "TV" like 184 times in this post.

In other news, here's what to expect from Mrs. DIY and the tennis guy this week:

1.I COMPLETELY forgot that I had not shared my pantry re-organization that happened a while ago.  I will share that soon!
2. Along with a chicken salad recipe and a "not funny then but hilarious now" story.  Dontcha love those?
3. I also decorated my home for fall...and included in that is a wonderful something something from Goodwill trip I took earlier this week.
4. Pumpkin pound cake recipe.  yes. you will make this and eat it all by yourself.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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