06 September 2011

Fire everywhere.

Just wanted to send a quick prayer request saying please pray for all the families/towns/areas that are being affected by the wildfires in Texas.  My heart is hurting for all the families (hundreds of them) who have had to evacuate and a lot of them had their homes burnt to the ground.

The fires are really close to a lot of my family and friends.  Like within 10 miles of my house...so please please pray that the Lord send all the rain we've been getting in NC down to Texas.  They need it so badly.  Most of Texas hasn't had any rain ALL summer long. 

 Hundreds of homes have been burned down, as well as tons of livestock and farms.  So sad. :(

This picture was taken from my friend's facebook.  She lives int he same town as me-there is SMOKE everywhere...so so sad.

Keep praying, y'all!  I know that they'll stop eventually, but let's hope it is sooner than later.

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