30 September 2011

Instafriday! (Pumpkin edition)

Happy Friday, y'all!!

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad it's Friday.  I cannot wait to relax (even though I have to work tomorrow) and you want to know the best part about this weekend?
That's right! The Pumpkin Spice donut at Krispy Kreme is coming out tomorrow. 
I cannot wait to get my hands on that one.  YUM.

So, here's a look at my week via Instagram!

Went to the farmers market earlier this week. I. love. that. place.
Made an easy fall wreath!GO here to see the tutorial!
Huey liked the pumpkins I bought from the market.  
If I could afford all those pumpkins, I would have gotten them.  I love pumpkins.  a lot.
Made some pumpkin scones with brown sugar glaze.  They were yummy!

Hubby helped me with the dishes.  {so sweet!}

Got any plans for the weekend?  I'm doing some cleaning, garage selling, working ,and eating that PUMPKIN SPICE DONUT!

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  1. Oh MY WORD, that donut is lookin like i need it!! tomorrow, huh???? hehe!!

    I would love to go to that farmers market and I would also bring home every pumpkin there!!! Sounds like we are friends already!! :)

  2. YUM I love donuts and that couldn't look more delicious!

  3. The photos are yummy!

  4. The farmer's market looks fabulous! Your dishes picture is so cute!

    And thank you (not really!) for letting me know about the Krispy Kreme pumpkin donut... :0)

    Happy Fall!

  5. Hi there! I also linked up at Instafriday. I love your photos, so autumnish! That fall wreath is very pretty:)