10 August 2011

Vacay 2011

I don't think I could ever get tired of the beach.

There is something so calming about looking into the ocean.  The endless waves, the sound of them hitting the shore...it's so serene.  

We have done lots of relaxing, laying in the sun, and eating.  I mean, that's what vacations are for, right?  

My hubby especially deserves a vacay..he starts LAW SCHOOL next week!!!  He  got his first reading assignments yesterday.  Over 100 pages of court cases and briefs.  BEFORE the first day of classes even start..wow. 

Our Penny girl has been sick the past couple of days with an intestinal infection.  We had to take her to the vet here and he gave her some meds to help her. 

Look at that pitiful face.  Poor girl.

After a couple of days, she was back to her sweet, fun-loving self.  

{sorry for the poor quality...these were taken on an iPhone}

Tonight after we had eaten dinner, we were walking on the beach and saw a whole pod of dolphins "showing off" in the water. They were jumping the waves and playing with each other.  It was the coolest thing to see!!  

Tomorrow we are going to play putt putt and I'm sure I'll have more photos to share then.

I hope you have a great Thursday!

Until next time,

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