17 August 2011

Our living room.

Good morning!  First of all, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my previous post.  It's so easy to get discouraged and not look for the good in things, and I'm so grateful for the friends who help me see the silver lining. :)  Y'all are the best.

Good news:  Our couch finally came in! Whoo too!  I absolutely love it because 
1) it's huge.  Not as big as a sectional, but it's long enough to fit my whole husband (all 6 feet and 5 inches of him) on it when he lays down!  
2) It is super versatile.  I love the color and I know that i'll be keeping this until our kiddo's tear it up.  So...15+ years from now at least.  If I want to change the look of it, all I have to do is change the pillows!  

With our love for entertaining, this sucker can fit 4-6 people on it.  Love it!

You ready to see our living room?  It's not QUITE done yet, but 99% of it is.  Hope you enjoy! 

Here is my inspiration for the room. I loved the color and the yellow curtains in this photo so I based most of my choices off of this:

Source: None via Kaitlin on Pinterest

And here's our living room: 

 Somebody loves it already!

 The couch came with all the pillows, except for the green damask, which I may myself.  I am deciding on stenciling something fun on the yellow ones...you'll soon see what I come up with!

 There is my lovely goodwill coffee table that I transformed!
 AND here is my problem...I have no idea how to decorate this wall!!  I put that beautiful picture up on the right side, but don't really like it there.  I don't know how to make any wall decor look "right" with the television right there.  Does it need to be the same decor on both side of the tv?  Does it have to be symmetrical?  It seriously has me stumped! I'm not sure what do so..

Any suggestions?  I would love your ideas!  That wall is the only thing that is giving me angst about our living room....
Isn't he sweet?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

For those who are wondering, the paint color is Sherwin Williams Meander Blue.  I loveeee the color.  The yellow curtains I made myself.  The tin bucket that holds the white flowers is from IKEA.   Any more questions? Feel free to ask.



  1. Love the new couch and all the pillows:)And your cat is beautiful.

  2. It looks great! And I LOVE the coffee table - I'm so impressed you refinished it yourself!

  3. First.. love the cat! Second I have an idea for your tv wall.... get a mount and hang you TV on the wall, then create a gallery wall... with pictures, paintings or posters, little shelves, plates... a collected look... saw this done, sorry dont have a picture, but it totally made the tv dispear within all the other interesting things on the wall.....

  4. Love your living room. We're trying to figure out the same thing with our living room in my apartment. How to decorate around the tv...

  5. Was wondering the same thing in our living room! (http://alliferg.blogspot.com/2011/05/living-room-at-new-old-house.html)

    Agh, someone needs to tell us what to do :)

  6. Your living room looks fantastic! Great job decorating! :)

  7. I love the room. Your colors are great!

  8. Good job! Can't wait to see it!!!

  9. I loveee the colors and the couch is amazing! where'd u get it from! (worth the wait! huh?!) of course my favorite piece is the table u transformed. It's perfect height and wight. As for the TV side---do something to anchor the room. I had problems with my tv wall and I anchored it with a big mirror. You can put things on opposite sides that match but it may be TOO matchy. Play around until you're happy! :) also love the live plants. Is it ivy?!

  10. also can you paint the fireplace? it looks good as is but I always wanted a white fireplace lol