24 August 2011

Organizing my life.

Lately I've been inspired to become more organized.  I want to "have it all together."  You know, not really, but yes really.  Doesn't that make perfect sense?

In the past, I have tried to make a weekly menu, do all my shopping on Sunday for the week, and not have to go grocery shopping but that one time. 

It didn't work out so well...but now I am giving it a second chance.  Thanks to this fun printable that I found, I think I will have better luck!

 What I do is just fill this out every week, and then erase it and start over for the next week! I love it already.  If you'd like to get one of your own, just visit www.mommytracked.com

Easy, right?!  I am really excited to not be sitting on the couch at 6:30 thinking "What the HECK do I cook for dinner?"

I also downloaded a free cleaning checklist from marthstewart.com

Notice only three items are checked off so far...hehe...

it's a start though!

I've also got a "week at a glance," "to-do list," and a "bill payment checklist" sheet. 

And they will go into my cute little binder and hopefully will keep me more organized!

I know it's just hubby and I right now but the sooner I get organized, the easier it'll be once kiddos come around.. (in several years)

I'm also hoping to get started on an exercise regimen (because once I got hitched, that went DOWN the drain! hehe) as well as a daily devotional.  My mother in law bought me this book, and I already LOVE it! Thanks, Kim!

So yep, here is my stand to be organized and be better at life.  Hope it lasts!

Be sure to grab those free printables at marthstewart.com and mommytracked.com!

On a different note, I finally have a solution to my weird wall that houses the television.  You can read about that here.  I just needed SOMETHING to make it feel more cohesive..and here is what my mom came up with.

Well, here is the Before shot:
And the after:
 We just added our bench that we had in the dining room (all of the guests at our wedding signed it on our wedding days!) and added some pillows to the top. I really like how it anchors the wall, and the painting that sits above it.  And now on the other side of the wall, where the rose chair is, I will add a trio of photos to "symetric-ize" the wall.  Don't you like how I just made up that word?
 The best part about this mini-makeover is that I didn't spend a dime! It's funny how rearranging things can make a room look way better!  Now I have to choose the prints for the other side of the wall...hmmmm...

Here's to being organized!


  1. good luck with the organization! I alwasy swear I am going to get better at it - I do for a second but then life gets in the way lol
    LOVE the bench in the living room!

  2. I did a household notebook and really does help keep stuff organized:)
    I have that same book that a got from a blog swap and I love it.

    Your living room looks great...I got some ideas from it:)

  3. Love the checklists and your living room!