24 August 2011

My obsessions...

Everyone has something(s) they are obsessed with ,right?  I'm not the only one am I?

I am obsessed with magazines.  I love them. And what's even better is that I get them for really cheap.  Like two years for $5 or something crazy like that.  I just scour online couponing sites for redemption codes and I think that's what started my obsession with magazines.

Take a look at what I currently subscribe to:

 yikes.  That is a lot... but I promise I've never paid full price for any of them! ;)  I think the most expensive one was Southern Living @ $20 for two years.  I got Cosmo for free through recyclebank.com, Allyou was around $16 for two years, Country Living was $10 a year..and I can't remember the others. 

Now...my question to you is this:  Do you subscribe to any magazine that you LOVE?

I am always looking for new reads!! 


  1. I love Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens! I just might have to subscribe to Martha Stewart Living in time for the holiday issues!

  2. I love magazines too, there's just something about having the actual paper in front of you, not the computer, not the Kindle, something you can carry with you, dog ear pages, tear out recipes...yes I love magazines. Please give us some sites that offer cheap subscriptions as you described.

  3. I love magazines!!!! I have a subscriptions to Better Homes and Gardens,Redbook and going to get Southern Living really soon.