31 August 2011

My mailbox got a facelift.

Here's a mini-makeover for you.

Our mailbox is kind of sad looking.  He has scratches all over him and is really faded from the sun.

and he really wanted a facelift.

So I didn't waste time...

Here he is before:

 Tons of scratches...and long long ago it used to be black. 

 Someone scratched "karma" on the back...this was here when we moved in.  Interesting...
See? There is proof he used to be black.  This was taken after I removed the old faded house numbers.

All I did was remove the mailbox part from the stand, give him a good cleaning and a nice new coat of black spray paint.

Then I got my little kid rubber stamps out:

And stamped "Jones" on the front and freehanded the house numbers on each side!

I love the finished look and he is so glad that he got a makeover too!

 I will probably add another coat of yellow to brighten it up a bit.

This was such an easy project and makes a huge difference- now get out there and give your old mailboxes a facelift!

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  1. Ha! Aww it looks great! I am going to fix mine too! I've been wanting to replace it but this makes it even better!

  2. So cute! You are so creative!