25 August 2011

Just call me a photographer.

I am becoming quite the photographer.

Okay, not really.  But I am going to share with y'all an assortment of photos taken from my blackberry and hubby's iPhone.  I am OBSESSED (just a little) with instagram on his phone..and just the upgrade in quality compared to my blackberry.  In other words, I REALLY want an iPhone.

 I found this bunny hopping around our neighbors yard.  It's been outside for about a month, and my dad and I decided to catch it!  We kept him in the cat cage, but I forgot to lock it and he got out.  I still see him hopping around. He's a cutie! (And obviously was someone's pet)  I  think I'll try to catch him again soon.
 Sweet Claire Kitty.  And a new headband that I made.
 Coleus.  This plant LOVES the shade and it's so pretty!
 Aren't these colors retro!?  I picked these up at the thrift store for $1.
 Devotional from my mother-in-law!
 We were watching Little League Softball the other night and this popped up.  I thought it was really funny that her dream was "to meet Justin Beiber"
 My dad, brother and I at Krispy Kreme on his birthday.
 Penny LOVES to lay behind our chair in the living room and on the vent.  She will put her nose over it and let the cool air run through her nostrils, I guess.  haha! This is her go-to spot.
 Hubby studying for class! 
Sun rays poking through the clouds.

Our new Appalachian State flag!

How's that for an assortment of photos?

Here in my neck of the woods, we have hurricane Irene knocking on our door sometime soon.  I hope it doesn't hit us hard here in Raleigh!

The blue dot is where we are...  it's about 500 miles from us right now.

We are definitely praying for the East Coast of NC!  Scary stuff, people. 


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  2. Love all of your pictures..especially your pet pics. Hope ya'll stay safe.

  3. I love your cutesy coffee table! :)