29 August 2011

A few good reads...and other stuff.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Just a tiny warning: this post is extremely diverse...a little of this, and a little of that, if you will.

I just have a lot of say about a whole lot of things.  Let's start with the weekly menu, shall we?

So in my quest to become more organized, I am going to be posting my weekly menu on here.  Not only does that help me, but hopefully I'll share some YUMMY recipes for y'all to try!

Meal Planning Monday

Monday-  Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday- Crockpot Ribs, baked potatoes, green beans (recipe to come!)
Wednesday- Bake Tilapia ,veggies, and rice
Thursday- Sour Cream Enchiladas, refried beans
Friday- Crockpot Lasagna (recipe also to come!)
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Meatloaf, rolls, and corn

Now I just have to get the "cleaning the house" part of staying organized perfected.  For some reason, the bed doesn't make itself in the mornings!?

Can you believe it's almost FALL?!  Ohmygosh, I can NOT wait for cool weather, cardigans, scarves, and PUMPKINS.


Since the summer is almost over, I am going to share a few books that I enjoyed while vegging out.

1.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  Of course, this is on everyone's book list and for good reason.  I loved loved loved this book.  It's a must read for everyone.  The movie is also wonderful, but of course nothing beats the book.

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I never thought I would like a science fiction type book, but man was it sooo engaging! I could not put them down.  I am working on the last book right now-the first two were wonderful.  They are also making movies out of these books and filming them here in NC!  Maybe hubby and I will make a trek to the mountains to try to see it being filmed. haha!

And that's all.  It felt like I read 15 books, but really only 3.5 .  Darn!  I still have a few on my list so I will share them as I go.

Now do tell, do you have any great books to suggest?  I always love to have several on my life.

And lastly, a few photographs for you to enjoy.

We celebrated our Pup's 10th birthday tonight! I made her a doggie cupcake (complete with yogurt and honey icing) and she GOBBLED it up.  We sang Happy Birthday and she just smiled and wagged her tail the whole time.  It was so stinkin' cute.

Penny has on her thundershirt-it is storming here.  To read more about what that is, go here.  It really does work!

Remember how my bestie is preggers?  Well I finally got around to mailing her some goodies and now I'll share!

 Not the best photo, but I made a burpcloth with that fabric.  One side is terrycloth and the other is that cute purple paisley! Now baby B can spit up in style!
Some applique onesies that I made.  Pretty cute if you ask me!  Now onto bows and tutu's!

Alright..i guess it's time to go clean or something.  Be looking for some yummy recipes, a before/after of my PANTRY, and perhaps a craft!!

Have a happy week, friends!

P.S.  In response to a lovely readers comment about where I get my magazine subscriptions for so cheap, tanga.com and eversave.com usually have great deals every month or so.  I just have to wait and keep checking back.  Right now, eversave has a  2 year subscription to Parent magazine for $5 under the Raleigh Durham area.  It's good for all US residents.  Tanga.com has a year subscription to Gun and Garden for $3...so yeah, you just have to keep checking back and hopefully there will be something great for you!


  1. Hey! I recently found your blog and I just wanted to say that it is super cute!

    I got the The Help from audible.com and just got done listening to it last night! It was was such a good book. Ive heard about the Hunger Games and its one of the books I want to read this year. Right now I am reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and I would definitely recommend it!

    Keep up the great work. Especially love your DIYs!

  2. I, too, am constantly inspired by your creativity, and I am on a quest to stay organized... And it's fun! :) Have a wonderful week yourself!

  3. Your puppy is so cute! I love the Hunger Games triology too! Totally not my usual type of book but I am so pumped for the movies now!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Help! Really good book. I'm finishing a book right now and then I'm going to start on the hunger games! Some of my favorite books are "The Shack" By William P. Young "Peace Like A River" By Leif Enger. Those two books are religious fiction. My all time FAVORTIE series is The Rose trilogy by Jennifer Donnaly. The first book is The Tea Rose. AMAZING!