27 July 2011

Craft Room Reveal!

Alright guys, so it's time for the big reveal!  I mean, it's not that BIG of a deal..but I am excited about it so I'm making it into a bigger deal than it really is.  :)

Introducing my first craft "area/room":

I love my desk!  I couldn't decided between yellow or green for the desk and my sweet cousin, Halley, decided for me. :)  Thanks, Coo!

I wanted some dimension in the hardware so I painted them black.  I love the high contrast it gives.

Here is what the dresser looked like before:

Typical old wood and pretty scratched up.  A few paint splashes on the bottom, scratches on the edges...it needed help.  But for $30, I knew I could do something great with it.  It is SOLID wood, heavy as all, and has great bones.

Now back to the good stuff:

 Got these little buckets in the dollar spot at Target.  Love the dollar spot!
 I had this tiered stand for a long time, and finally put it to use! It won't fit underneath our cabinents in our kitchen, so I was glad to find a home for it, instead of the closet.  It holds a little fabric up top, and some buttons and ribbon down below.

 This area is for random crafts, like coffee filters (in case I decided to make another coffee filter wreath), candle sticks, raffia...whatever, really!  The top drawer is for scrapbook paper and supplies.

 I found that cool little bowl (not really sure of the purpose..is it a dough bowl?)  at Goodwill for fifty cents.  I like the pineapple shape!
 My sewing machine lives on one corner of the desk.
 Photos of friends, magazine scraps that I want to remember, a flower or two as embellishment, and my sweet puppy! See her up there?
 I just made the pennants from scrapbook paper and ribbon.  The paper came from Michaels, along with the letter "K" (which I got ages ago!) and the frame came from Hobby Lobby.  Inside it says "I have always known it was you."  Pennants are everywhere, it seems! I saw some on Pinterest that I love and got the idea to put some in my craft space.
 This holder thing came from Goodwill for $2 and I spray painted it teal.  I told you I have been going crazy with spray paint!
 I love how much space it gives me to work! I sit here on the computer while I blog, I can sew here, and craft all at the same time!
 All of my paints and Modpodge fit nicely in a drawer.
 Glue guns (I have five...Why? I have no idea.)
 Fabric goes in another drawer.  I'm not completely satisfied with this because I don't like to DIG to find it...anyone have any innovative ideas on how to store fabric and scraps?
 Sewing supplies..I'm ordering on of those neat spool holders pretty soon and I'll hang it on the wall! Yahoo!
I still need to find a desk chair because the one seen in this photo does not go with the desk- it's hubby's grandfathers and we don't want to use it because it's an antique and easily breakable.  BUT, look at that cushion! I scored that at Pier 1 for $2!  (I used a $10 off coupon!)

I just need to find a desk chair now!! I think I may paint it either black or pink!

Hope you enjoyed my craft room tour!  I'm off to the pool now!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I LOVE it! the desk is amazing! I just love the green!
    Very creative use for some of the 'storage' items =)

  2. THAT DESK IS AWESOME. I love it! Love the color!

  3. Looks GREAT! You are so creative! :)

  4. Looks great! Maybe you could roll the fabric and secure with a rubber band...saw this at Wally World :) You get your creativity from your MOM!

  5. Love your craft room! It is unique and beautiful! :)

  6. Love the desk color--so fun!

  7. Your craft room is amazing! This is getting me so excited to move and start decorating our new place :) A craft room/desk is definitely on my to do list!

  8. Love the colors and green is my favorite! Great job and thanks for stopping by!!!

  9. Wow! Your craft room looks awesome. I love the green desk! I'm your newest follower and I'd love if you would join us over at Sew Woodsy and link this project up!

  10. Very nice!!! I have a craft table sitting in the garage waiting for me to make up my mind about what color to paint it....maybe green:)!!

  11. Wonderfully colorful! I really like it! Three cheers for you!

  12. Now that is some eye candy! Love the green desk!

  13. I love all the colors in your craft room. Everything looks great and so organized.

  14. LOVE your desk transformation!!!

  15. I have a little area like this in my bedroom, where I craft. I am still working on making it cute. You have given me a lot of fun ideas. I'd love for you link up at my Friday Link up on Blissfulanddomestic.blogspot.com

  16. love the desk and the TEAL holder you have! great colors!

    btw, where'd u get ur pier 1 coupon! I shop there all the time!

  17. oh and thanks for the shout out! I love you Foo! <3

  18. Love the desk!!! And your craft room looks AWESOME!!!!

  19. I LOVE your craft room! I love all the bright colors! I'm going to feature you on my blog tomorrow! Stop by if you want to grab a featured button! The post will be up tomorrow morning! www.craptastickatie.blogspot.com

  20. awesome project! i love the green color you painted the desk. i want to have a craft area in my house, i love that you will either paint your desk chair either black or pink, go with color girl!

  21. Hi! Your craft space is stellar!

    I wanted to let you know that I featured your project on my 13 DIY Green Projects post this evening. You can check it out here:


    Thanks, and God Bless!

  22. This is such a cute craft room! I love how your desk turned out, the green is great!! I'm a new follower, check out my blog if you'd like: http://melaniegetsmarried.blogspot.com