12 June 2011

I learned that the hard way.

Last time hubby and I moved from GA to NC, we did NOT pack effectively.   Here is how it happened:  We started packing our ENTIRE house at around 8pm the NIGHT BEFORE we moved.  It was probably the most awful night I've ever had.  My, hubby, and my sis in law stayed up until 6am packing, took an hour and a half nap and then drove over 4 hours to NC.  So...this time around, we are trying to do it the right way.

We move two weeks from today.  And we're over halfway done packing. 

Gotta love the organized chaos that is our house.  Well...it's not organized.  But that's okay. 

Our home looks like that in every room. 

 I have been getting lots of goodies from CVS lately..check this out:

The total before sales and coupons: $118.00.
The total after sales and coupons: $9.76
That is a savings of 92%.

Oh yeah!

Because of this moving business, no internet mess, and packing up I haven't had time to craft! It's making me sad because I have some great ideas, but no time to do them! I can't wait until we move so I can post about fun DIY projects!!  Here is a small one that I did last week.  My friend, Molly, painted the words "Howdy" on the place-mat pillow that I made. I love the way it turned out!

You like?

And lastly, here are some paint colors that I chose for our new house!

 Love the fresh clean green color!!

We are getting that color couch, I will make some yellow linen curtains, and that paint color...YUM! so light and fun looking!

(images taken from my pinterest boards)

Well...it's bedtime for me!

Hope your weekend was great-I'll be posting about mine soon! Here's a sneak peek:

That's me in the back!

Details soon!



  1. Happy packing! And yay on not doing it all last minute.

  2. Look at you go! We have about six weeks before we hit the road but with J studying for the bar, I fear most of the packing will be solo this time which means I will need to pack early and often :) Good luck with the move!!