20 June 2011



As you can tell from my lack of blogging...we are super busy around my neck of the woods....  :(

I have decided that I am taking a mini-break from my lovely blog..until we get moved in to our new house and settled.

My to-do list is gigantic...and it keeps growing. 

But please know that this is just temporary (1-2 weeks or so) and then I will be back! 

Want to know my to-do list?

Okay sure, I'll share!

1. Pack. 
2. Pack.
3. Clean.
4. Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale! (helllooo, I need some new undergarments!!!)
5. IKEA...I have a couple things to pick up for the new house
6. Mary Jo's fabric store...gotta get some fabric for curtains, pillows, etc.
7. Pack.
9. Load up the moving truck this weekend.
10. Look for new jobs in Raleigh.
11. Move to Raleigh (technically Garner..where Scotty McCreery is from! haha)
12. Figure out a way to make our cat use the bathroom outside.
13. Plant Hydrangeas and flowers in the flower bed...

plus like 123094830298 other things.

Last day of work is Wednesday.  PTL.

Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. I was just talking to my friend yesterday about how we want to go to Raleigh because that's the setting in like nearly all of Nicolas Sparks' books!

  2. That is quite a to-do list! Take as much time as you need to power through the list...we will be here waiting patiently for your return (and to hear all about it) :) Good luck!