09 June 2011

day 5 without internet.

So, we have AT&T internet service.

it hasn't worked correctly since we got it about a year ago.  It seems there is always a problem with it...

We are now on day 5 without internet at all.  (I am currently sitting in Barnes and Noble taking advantage of unlimited magazines and free wi-fi.)

I've called over 7 people from AT&T and they all say " I will call you back when I find out the problem"

and they don't.

very very frustrating.

I have spent a total of over 6 hours on the phone with them to try to fix it...and nothing is working. 

So... no blogging, facebook, pinterest for me until we get it fixed. :(

Hopefully by the weekend, it will be fixed and i'll be a happy gal!

On another note,

We are in FULL blown packing mode.
We have just over two weeks until we move and we are trying to get all packed up now so we don't have to worry later.

I hate packing...
with a passion.

Anyone want to come help?


1 comment:

  1. I hate packing too! We are moving ourselves in less than 2 months and I am already dreading the packing (and unpacking) that goes along with it...too bad it's not possible to have a packing party together :)