07 May 2011

Today was a great day...

I must have woken up on the VERY right side of the bed this morning because today was a wonderful, wonderful day.  Maybe the fact that I was asleep in bed last night by 9:15pm could have contributed to my wonderful day today....either way, it's been great.

Have I told you I had a great day today?

Allow me to share why:

I woke up at 7:00...ON A SATURDAY.  And I hopped out of bed, decided to make my bed and then got ready to do a little garage selling.  I had Chick-fil-a for breakfast and decided that I would pay for the car behind me too.  The employee who took my money was so surprised that I would do something like that, and I told them "I just want to be a blessing to someone today."

That may have been the best $12 I have spent in a long time because after I received my food, I pulled far enough up so I was out of the way, but I could see their faces when they were told "The car in front of you paid for your food today."  They looked so excited and happy!

It was a good feeling to know that I helped someone out like that.

While I was at a garage sell, I noticed that there was a sign that said "All proceeds will go towards the Keeler family." The daughter of this family was diagnosed with Leukemia and their family/friends was holding this sell to help pay some medical bills. 

Goodness gracious...cancer is such a terrible thing.  My heart was breaking for that family.  I bought a candle (a bath and body works candle for .50 cents!) but handed the woman a ten dollar bill and said "I know this is not much compared to the massive amount of medial bills, but every little bit counts."

If you could have seen the happiness and thankfulness in this woman's eyes, it may have made you cry.  It almost made me.  She was so grateful for the donation and I know it's going to help their family.

Now, please don't think that I am sharing these stories because I want to be praised for donating my money or anything like that.  I am sharing this because lately I have forgotten how little things like that can bless others in big ways.  Today made me realize that being a blessing to others is easy.  Additionally, one of the biggest things I tend to get uptight about is money and today helped me to understand that it's not going with me when I die. I'm not going to suffer from giving it away-if anything, the Lord will bless me for it.

Maybe next time you're in the drive through or you know of some needs in your community, think twice about how something small like that can change lives in big ways.

On another note...

hubby went out of town today to play some tennis...

in other words, "CRAFT DAY" for me!!!!

WHOO HOO!!!  I spent the better part of the day in front of my sewing machine.  Here's what I've been up to:

I went to Hancock's a found this fabric for $2!!!  TWO DOLLARS!  It matched perfectly with my existing pillows in the living room, so of course I had to make it. :)
 And to make my day even better, I went to Goodwill and found these paint brushes for .99 cents a piece! 

These retail for around $12 a brush at Lowes!

So for $5, I got $65 worth of paintbrushes.


 Remember the container garden I planted earlier this Spring?  Well, it's doing pretty well so far!!  Take a look:

Is that owl pot not the cutest thing? I'm ready for them to start blooming/producing!

I also made two more pillows that I will share tomorrow (One for my porch and a bright red ruffly pillow!!) a ruffled kitchen towel, and a couple flower headbands.

Man, I sure was productive!

How was your Saturday?  I hope it's been wonderful.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the porch pillow, headbands, and ruffles!!

Maybe the hubby should stay gone more often... ;)

Just kidding, miss you babe!!



P.S. I am trying to change my blog to where the photos take up a lot more room..if anyone has any good tutorials on how to allow for larger photos, please share! I'm guessing that I will have to widen the whole "body" of the blog, but I just don't know how to do that!



  1. I love Purdy paint brushes--I have some that I have used on every DIY project in our house! I need a crafty Saturday badly :)

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  3. Kaitlin, I hope you're doing well. I just thought I'd share that I've always wanted to pay for someone in the drive thru behind me but tend to get in too much of a hurry, perhaps I'll slow down and take a minute to do that. And your description of the Family at the garage sale literally made me cry! Bless Your Heart!

  4. I've been going through your blog and loving all your projects. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you as a guest over at my blog sometime. BlissfulandDomestic.blogspot.com. What do you think?