24 April 2011

A little money saved...

During my senior year of college, my roomate started couponing. I was so interested in this concept that I started doing it myself. Since that day, I have never paid full price for most of the items I purchase. It's such a fun "game" to me and I love the feeling I get when I save so much money.

I went to Harris Teeter and CVS today and got some great deals.

Take a look:

 Total before coupons and sales: $86.25
Total after coupons and sales: $26.05
That's a savings of 69.7% or 70%!
This is what I got at CVS today (minus the gum, I got that last week but I factored it into this purchase).

Total before coupons and sales: $104
Total after coupons and sales: $13.48
And I received $7.99 back in Extra Care Bucks...
That's a savings of 87%.

Saving money feels good.  



  1. We got the 5 deodorants too! :) Thanks for all the help!

  2. That is remarkable! Have you seen the TLC show about extreme couponing? It is remarkable! But where do you store everything? Do you get most of your coupons in papers or online?

  3. uhm this is amazing!!! where do you hunt for coupons online?