12 April 2011

I'm a little behind..

So here in bloggy world, I've been seeing TONS of cloches floating around. I have been keeping my eye out at Goodwill for one, but haven't had any luck!

UNTIL last week..

I found a cloche for .99 cents.  And a candlestick for .19 cents.  So i snatched them up quickly and brought them home.

Gave those babies a coat of spraypaint and did some distressing and Violia!

Here she is:

Now the only question is "What do I put inside?"

Total cost for this project:
$1.18 (I had the spray paint on hand from another project)

Now I can join the other millions of DIYer's who have made a cloche.  Go me!


1 comment:

  1. how about a cute nest with some neutral easter eggs! :)