02 April 2011

Garage Selling and Gardening.

It was a wonderfully relaxing Saturday here at the Jones' household.  

We both woke up around 8:30 (which is sleeping in for us now!) and hubby headed to his tennis match and I took off for a few garage sells.  Let me tell ya, this time I got lucky!!  I found these babies for $25. All six of em!
(Four are on our back deck and two are on our private patio attached to our bedroom)
We have been looking for patio furniture for the longest time, and when I came across these, I knew we hadta have em!

I also planted my herb garden this past week. I bought these cute little tin pails in the dollar spot at Target and used chalkboard paint to paint a stripe on the front. Then I wrote the herb on there! I think they turned out pretty darn cute-

 I don't know about you, but I am so glad Spring is here.  We set out our birdfeeder and I have seen all kinds of different kinds of birds! Here are two that I snapped pictures of while they were fighting over the food.

Look how fluffy and beautiful this one is!

 And here is a cardinal. He is so bright!

 We finally got around to hanging our clothesline too!  After getting back from France, we both decided that we wanted a clothesline for the summertime. While hanging it, we ventured underneath our deck and Seth saw a freaking RATTLESNAKE.  He hates hates hates snakes..poor thing, he turned white and his heart was beating sooooo fast. 

Should we poison it?
 Do you think there are more than one hiding out?
Is it going to stay there all summer?
ICK! I want to kill it...aren't they really poisonous?

ANYWAY... here is our clothesline..I mean, weren't you dying to see a clothesline? ;)

So..that's what we've been up to this weekend!  We are right smack dab in the middle of SPRING CLEANING! (you know, the thing we've been trying to do for the past three weeks now)  Hubby had to take a break to watch the final 4.  I took this opportunity to blog.  :)

I also found something at Goodwill yesterday for $2 that I re-did this afternoon. I have already schedule the post to go up tomorrow, so I promise I won't let you down!  Hehe...


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