08 April 2011

Do you miss me?

I've been super super busy this week and it's only gonna get worse! (Until Monday)

My best friend is getting married this weekend and I am her MOH.

I am sorry for the lack of interesting posts.


I did make a trip to Goodwill earlier in the week and I am in the process of making a couple things that I think you'll like!!

One involves a candlstick...

One involves some yarn.

Okay, off to the bridal luncheon!!!

Have a happy weekend-



  1. good to see ya! have a great time at the wedding this weekend =)

  2. You have totally inspired me to check out Goodwill this weekend! All your creations are adorably! I'm hoping I'll find something too!

  3. ohh i LOVE trips to goodwill. it takes a bit of digging sometimes but you can really find some treasures there!