16 April 2011

Big haircut.

A whole lot of random...

-Goodness gracious this week has flown by. I had like 3 half written posts for the week and never got around to finishing them.  :(

-My mom and stepdad are here visiting from MS, so I'm trying to soak up every moment with them. I don't get to see them much and so the blogging will have to wait.

Just wanted to share with you guys some news:

I crossed off another goal for my 101 in 1001 project.


I have been wanting to do this for so long, but kept getting scared to cut my hair..well today I did it.  And I am so glad I did.  I was wanting a change...

Ten inches off, baby!

so, what do you think?  Do you like long or short hair better?

 {I am making a goofy face because I wasn't sure that I liked it...and then I couldn't get another decent picture of me because it got dark outside...}

After a few hours though, I have decided I like it.  It's so light and will be super easy to dry.  (Before, it would take me 20 mins!)

-Tonight it's supposed to storm pretty badly..we've already given Penny a puppy prozac.  (She is terrified of storms)

-We are throwing around the idea to make a last minute vacation with some friends to somewhere tropical.  I need your help!!! Do you know anywhere that is budget friendly that you loved?  We are thinking about somewhere in Mexico because the prices seemed the most reasonable.  Any help is much appreciated!

-Another thing i would love to hear from you guys about: shellac manicures...have you heard of them/had one/ known someone who has had one?  If so, did you like it/ was it worth the money/ etc?  I want to get one because i hear they are a lot better than regular manicures...

Hope you have a very happy weekend!



  1. I like your new hair! it's very cute!!!!

  2. I love the new haircut! I am still growing my hair out but hope to eventually cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love too (it's one of my 130 before I'm 30 goals actually) :)

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. LOVE your hair:)

    shellac: i've heard from two people that it wasn't worth the extra money. they chipped early on and while it lasted a bit longer it didn't look good. just what i've heard, hope it helps! let me know if you decide to do it!

  5. Your hair looks great and that is so awesome that you donated it!

  6. I liked it long. However, I love that you chose to donate it. That rocks!!

  7. shellac nails DO look good right at first, but I've seen my friends chip and it's very noticeable when you do!

    I have wanted to try it out as well, let me know if you do!

    btw, love your skirts on the other blog. I somehow missed this oneeee anyway make me one.

    lol seriously i keep asking for HANDMADE KAIT STUFF.

    I will give ya money for shipping and supplies ;) and i'll wear it proudly!! and brag on u of course!