23 March 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I missed out last week on WILW because we were on the plane back from Europe, so I am excited to share with y'all what I'm loving this week!

1. I'm loving that I am starting my first garden this year!!  I am also planting some flowers (peonies, zinnias, lupines and a few others).  I gotta start on that this weekend!  Do any of y'all have a garden?  If so, I would love some tips! :)

2. I'm loving that I can finally wear sandals now that's is officially spring!  I have my eyes on some HOTT wedges for the Springtime...

If money grew on trees, these would be mine (I love Tory Burch!):

3. I'm loving this super fluffy comforter from Anthropologie.  I'm sure hubby would object because it's a tad bit too girly, but I love it nontheless.

Also, check out these sheets..LOVEEEE them. They are "love letters!!"

4. I'm loving that my best friend's wedding is in 2.5 weeks! I am the matron of honor and I gotta start thinking of my speech!  Her bouquet is made from vintage brooches and ostrich feathers and she is going to be gorgeous, I just know it.
{Me and Molly Cate...i just noticed I'm  kind of slouching...sorry, mom!}

5. I'm loving this OPI nail color.  I found it in my bathroom and can't wait to use it all summer!!!

What are you lovin?  Be sure to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love!



  1. I adore the comforter from Anthro! What is the name of that nail polish color? I love it!

  2. that comforter is amazingly girly -- i LOVE it!

  3. Great things that you are loving today!!! I LOVE those wedges!

  4. I would love an outdoor garden but alas we rent :( I'm hoping to do an indoor garden of some sort this year though (provided Woods doesn't eat everything)!

  5. I love that nail polish color. It looks a lot like what I have on my toes right now! :)