13 March 2011

Chocolate and Bread.

Good Morning from Poitiers, France!! I wanted to share a few more pictures and then we are heading to La Rochelle! It's a small coastal town and we're going to the aquarium and visiting a few other places.  My brother is showing us around, and I'm so glad because he knows French and it makes me feel a lot better!

We have been eating our share of chocolate and bread for you all- don't worry!  We usually have a chocolate croissant for breakfast and chocolate for dessert at dinner- it's wonderful...except for the fact that I may not fit into my jeans anymore...

This castle was constructed in the 11th century...WOW!
They make nutella in small "to-go" packages! YUM!

We visited the American cemetary in Normandy.  These were all the soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Normandy. Very touching and somber.
This is Mont Saint Michel.  An abbey that was built in the 10 century.  
Hammurabi's Code
Chartres-the tallest cathedral in France.
A bed and breakfast we stayed at in the French countryside.

Sorry for the short post-we are in a rush, but I had to share!! Hope you're enjoying your day! I'll be sure to post with longer stories in the near future.

Au revior!


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  1. We are in Paris right now. Nutella is amazing, and Nutella crepes are even better :)