14 March 2011

A goal completed.

While we are here in Poitiers and my brother is at work, hubby and I decided to fix up the house a little bit.

Here's what I've done so far:

-buy a good smelling candle

 -buy some lysol wipes

-clean out the fridge (there may or may not have been old cheese in there)...ICK!

-in the process of washing my brother's sheets.  He told me that he's only washed them one time since he's been here.. he arrived in June of last year...hearing that made me want to throw up.  His reply "I am always clean when I get in bed, so why wash them?"
....umm..no hunny..that's not a good excuse.  
And remember..he is 25 years old.  hahah!

Don't get me wrong-my brother is a clean person..but maybe he just doesn't get some things..like washing sheets and cleaning out the fridge. I'm glad I am here so I can do it for him :)

I am going to take photos of the house when I finish cleaning, but for now here is a couple photos of me mowing my first yard! It's one of my goals to complete in my 101 in 1001 days project.

 I mowed the yard! The lawn mower is eletric-which means you have to plug it into the wall.  Notice all the cords everywhere..it was a fun experience!

Alright, time to go clean..we head back to the states in just two days.

Tonight we are eating with some of my brother British friends and then tomorrow we are having a true French meal with his neighbor.  She doesn't speak English...

Until next time,



  1. Girl, you are going to need a vacay from vacay!!! What a good sister you are too; I don't know that I would strip my brother's sheets for him :-).

    I'd like to give you the "One Lovely Blog" award, if you'll accept. Just go to my link below to grab it from my blog post.


  2. Haha I love brothers! The house my brother lived in with some of his frat brothers his senior year was similarly unclean. They "cleaned" up for the graduation party they had there with their families but it was still pretty gross. I guess boys will be boys?!

    Glad you were able to cross off a 101 goal while you were at it :)

  3. haha some men just don't get it!! That's brave of you to wash his sheets haha

  4. I love mowing the lawn. Is that really your first time?

    I'm a new follower I found you through Amanda Perry over at Momesticated. I love the blog layout :D