27 March 2011


Man, oh man.

I have been slacking in the blogging department.  And also the cleaning department.  And also the "getting stuff done" department.

So..pretty much in all departments.

-I just went grocery shopping today for the first time since we've been back from France. (It's been 11 days)
-I STILL haven't cleaned my house.
It looks like this:

 Okay, not really...but it is messy.  (I got that picture from google images)
-I bought tons of seeds to plant for my garden and they are still sitting in the bag.
-My sewing machine table re-do JUST got finished last night.  I will post pictures TOMORROW!  
-We have yet to file our taxes

I am buried in "to-do" lists...

AND..i am working 40 hours next week.  


I am thankful for a full-time job (before this, I just had a part-time job), but it sure does take some getting used to!

Hubby and I had a nice weekend together and we have postponed our "spring cleaning" for as long as we possibly can.  Perhaps we will start on that in a few minutes...

Speaking of cleaning..I would love to hear your favorite cleaning supplies!

Mine is this:

Mainly because of the yummy smell...I love wiping my counters and mopping my floors with it. 

So do tell, what is your favorite cleaning product?



  1. Hands down my new fave is pledge multi surface. It makes everything all shiney, and you can use it on everything, and as a bonus it makes it so tooth paste doesn't stick as easy to the bathroom sink. :)

  2. I love Pine Sol too! Also the Mr. Clean with Febreeze is smelly good! I also LOVE Lysol/Cloroz wipes for toilits and such and also Clorox Cleanup...awesome...oh and scrub and bubbles! Good luck cleaning! I had to organize my office and do all the floors this weekend, but it makes me feel better when its all clean!

  3. i would have to agree with jenn, pledge multi surface is AWESOME! it works on everything!

  4. I LOVVVVVE the smell of the febree's cleaner for my foors... It's in a green bottle. It's so ymmmy

  5. My favourite cleaning product is plain old Vinegar and water. I do use other cleaners. But with kids everywhere, vinegar is the best to use in the in betweens when they are up and I know I'm going to be too tired to use harsher cleaners later.

  6. I know the feeling :) My favorite cleaning product is Mrs. Meyers' All Purpose Cleaner (lavender scent) It makes the house smell so good!

  7. Hey girl, I'm a new follower!
    I absolutely love my Swiffer mopper. I am also a fan of the orange bottle of Mr. Clean with Febreeze. It is an antibacterial spray and I use it in the kitchen and to wipe down the bathroom counters when I want a fresh orangey smell.