18 March 2011


Good Morning!!

We are finally back in America..and it feels really nice to be back.  We loved France, but being able to freely conversate with people is something we are glad to have now.  Since we didn't know French (I know a tiny bit) it was sometimes challenging to communicate while we were there.

But alas, our time was wonderful, fun, exciting, refreshing..all those things.

I have a few more pictures to share with y'all!

Here is me and my brother.  (Sorry about the weird black and white edit...honestly, I'm too lazy to go back and change it..so this is how it's gonna stay! haha)

 So, here is a photo that shows just how small things are in France.  Granted, I understaned that hundreds of years ago, people were much smaller, shorter, skinnier..etc  but it was so funny to see hubby have to duck when he passed through a room.  Not just once, but almost every single time!  His head hit the top several times.
 These are the perfect size for me!

 We saw so many  beautiful Chateaux..and to think, these were what the wealthy people (usually royal people) lived in!  Sheesh!
 yes, I found a cat...and he loved me.
 This is an old old castle where Charles Perraul started on his book, Sleeping Beauty.
 Another chateau...
 And this is my grandmother's home in france! (and where my brother lives now) 
A small 2 bedroom home that was built in the early 1800s...You see those shutters on the outside?  That was for security during World War II.  They would "board" up the house and hide in it. 

As you can see, we were so busy being tourists...it was a great time.

And this weekend we are at hubby's parents for the weekend.  They kept our pup while we were gone and Seth has law school orientation tomorrow!  Yipee!!

Today we are doing some shopping (my favorite!)  and having a yummy dinner tonight of tilapia, asparagus, mashed potatoes, rolls, and sweet tea... YUMMMMM!!

I hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. I made a Key Lime pound cake yesterday.  and I will share the recipe-TODAY!


  1. What fun pictures! While watching America: The Story of Us on the History Channel I learned that within a generation (due to better diet, sanitary conditions and so forth) American colonists had grown on average 6 inches taller than their European counterparts at the time which probably explains the short doors :)

    Glad you had a great time! Have a great Friday!

  2. Glad you guys had such an amazing time! Welcome back!!