23 February 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Thank goodness...this week is halfway over! It's been a tough one, but at the end of it i'll be in KEY WEST!

Link up with Jamie to see what everyone is loving!!

I'm loving  these swimsuits from Victoria's Secret! But I am not buying any because 1) It's not swimsuit weather just yet and 2)I do not have a beach ready body yet...

maybe I need to get out my Jillian Michael's DVD...speaking of working out, do any of you lovlies do ZUMBA?  If so, do you like it?  I've been wanting to get a DVD but didn't know which ones were good...

 Love how cute and playful this one is..except she needs a little more fabric on the bottom, if you ask me.
 I love the back of this one! and the color!
 I've wanted this suit for such a long time, but the bottoms are just too little! Seems like VS likes them that way...
Now this one looks perfect! Not too small on the bottom!
I ordered three suits on sale last winter for my honeymoon last year and LOVED them.  I just went up a size in the bottoms to get a little more coverage. 

I'm loving my sweet husband.  He has been super supportive this week (I haven't had the best of weeks) and I am so lucky to have him as my husband!

{I love this photo because it was taken right before we graduated college and I decorated the top of my hat to say "I am getting married in 19 days".  ;)}

I'm loving my sweet cat, Claire.  We adopted her around Christmastime and she was SO skittish and unfriendly.  Now, she is a completely different cat! The second we lay in bed, she jumps up there and starts purring.  She is the sweetest cat I've ever had and I am so glad we got her! Her previous owner got her when she was 5 weeks old and then dumped her on the side of the road 4 months later!!  (Shame on you, whoever you are!!!)
isn't she adorable?  She seriously sits like that all the time.  She is crazy.

I'm loving that when my blog reaches 100 followers, I'm going to have a giveaway of some of my favorite things! If you like what you see and want to follow my blog, feel free and then you can enter my giveaway when I post it very soon! :)

I'm loving this adorable picture of a cat I found while "Stumbling".  I like to use the stumble button when I get bored, and I found this and had to share it!!
haha! She looks so scared, poor thing!

So..what are you loving today?

Happy Wednesday!!!




  1. Key West is awesome! We went last summer since it's not TOO far for us and what a great time! :-)

  2. those are beautiful swim suits!! it's hard to believe there will be warm weather again! :/

  3. Love the swim suits! I also have a few swim suits picked out from VS! Love that store!

  4. that first suit by VS is ADORABLE! I am seriously going to have to look into that one for beach season this year!
    I love the top of your cap! that is so cute!

  5. New follower here! Hopefully you'll reach 100 soon! :) I love VS swimsuits, but I agree that the bottoms can be pretty skimpy!

  6. What a fun post!! I have been wondering about that Zumba DVD too, I might have to try it out

  7. Love love love zumba... but I don't do a DVD- I go to our YMCA for the class! But I highly recommend it! It is an awesome workout, so much fun, and a total de-stresser for me!

  8. i love VS swimsuits too, but i especially love the last one you posted! and are the jillian DVD's good?? I've been thinking about getting one of them but don't know what one is the best. thanks for stopping by my blog-i appreciate it very much :)

  9. Hi Kait,

    I found your blog through WILW and I wanted to tell you that your DIY coasters are genius. Thanks to you, I now know what all of my girlfriends are getting for their birthdays, and probably Christmas too (you can never have too many coasters!)

    Thanks for the step-by-step!