09 February 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

The week is halfway over, y'all!  Can I get a woot woot?

Here's what I'm loving this week! If you haven't played along with Jamie, you really should.  It's so much fun to see what others are loving! Check it out here!

1. I'm loving all the old pictures I found of my as a child. Even though they are embarrassing, I'm going to share a few because I think they are so funny!
 Check out my Keds.  and my PERM. wow.
 My sweet cousin, Halley, and I at Sunday School. I'm surprised I could hold my head up with those HUMONGOUS bangs overtaking my forehead.
 Now if this doesn't SCREAM "I grew up in the 90's" I'm not sure what does.  Check out my matching skort and top.  and there are those bangs AGAIN!
Aw...a big ol' bow and some ice cream.  Still my two favorite things. :)

2. I'm loving that American Idol is tonight? Do any of y'all watch it?  Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time I've watched it consistently.  I really like it and I think the judges are great.  I've heard mixed feelings about Jennifer Lopez..what do you think of her being a judge? Also, I think Steven Tyler is a doll.  And he's so funny!

3. I'm loving that the holiday of LOVE is coming up very soon. We both decided to save our money for the France trip we'll be taking next month, but I ever-so-kindly hinted that flowers at The Fresh Market are only $7.99...maybe hubby will surprise me! Here are my three favorite flowers:

4. I'm loving my new Tory Burch flats I got for 50% on Ebay! They are brand new and I won the last bid with like 2 seconds left! Whoo Hoo!!

5. I'm loving my happy little family.  I am so blessed to be able to come home to the sweetest pup in the world and a husband that is even sweeter! (I would talk about my two cats, but you know, they aren't that good at showing how sweet they are)  Here is a failed attempt at a family photo (at this time, we hadn't adopted our second cat yet)

Happy Wednesday-only two more days until the weekend!! PTL.


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled this afternoon for a before/after post of a lamp I found at Goodwill!!!  I'm so excited to share it! 


  1. I'm lovin american idol too! i do watch it, and cute shoes by the way!

  2. Those are super cute flats!! And you have an adorable little family!!

  3. You will love your Tory Burch flats! I have two pairs and wear them everywhere...my husband is sad that I have fallen in love with such expensive shoes!

  4. I love peonies....oh how I love them!!

    And I am loving the American Idol! I actually really like J-Lo! I tried to watch the past two seasons and couldn't keep myself into it...this season is definitely the best in a while! But that's just my opinion! :)

    Cute blog, I am new follower!

  5. I'm loving Idol this season too and I wasn't sure I was going to! Love those TB's also ... Ebay is great! :)


  6. Haha I love those pictures--I had lots of matching skorts and shirts too (even some coordinating headbands if I remember correctly)!

    My favorite episodes of American Idol are when they actually get into competition and you get to know the contestants better so I am excited to finally be at that stage this season.

    Finally, you have a Fresh Market near you? I went to one in Peoria, IL with my grandma and loved it! I am a little bit jealous :)

  7. I LOVE ranunculus... and Tory Burch! I just got Tory Burch glasses at my eye doctor and have never been so excited about glasses :)

  8. I love those Tory Burch flats!! I'm jealous!!

  9. I am loving Idol this season too!

  10. Yay, for winning the last bid. Those shoes are so cute. Also I dont watch American Idol but I love jLo she's hot :)

  11. Love those flats! I'm going to have to check out ebay!