28 February 2011

Key West

Here are a few pictures from our mini-vacay to Key West!

 Is my mom not gorgeous?!  She got married as sunset on the beach-it was breathtaking.
 Here is my beautiful grandmother. 
 Me and the hubby in front of our hotel!

 We took a train to the place on the beach where they got married.  How fun, right?!
 There was a cruise ship that was docked- I forgot how HUMONGOUS they are.
 My older brother is on the left (he's the one living in France!) and the younger one on the right.

 It was so cool to watch the pelicans dip into the ocean and get fish.
 My two brothers escorted her down the aisle. :)

 Whew- this gorgeous landscape takes my breath away.
 this is how we got around on the island- by bike. it was so much fun.

We had a great time.  I would go back to Key West anytime.  And the weather was AWESOME.  80 degrees and around 72 at night with a cool breeze- yes, please!

It's been storming like crazy here-I didn't get the chance to finish up my picture frames because of the rain. :(  But I'll post them soon, I promise!

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  1. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous wedding! Congrats to your mom...looks like you all had a great time :)

  2. AH beautiful! wish I was there to celebrate with yall!

    btw, Just posted on your own wedding video and it disappeared! anyway, so glad i was part of that beautiful event! such a special, SPECIAL day! I love you Kaitlin Hogan Jones!! :) <3

  3. awww how beautiful! Yay for your mother! =)
    Looks like you had a great time in key West -- the weather really has been beautiful here in Fl!

  4. The pics are absolutely beautiful and I love your moms dress!

    Where did you stay in Key West?

  5. Please tell your mom hello and CONGRATS!! She looks gorgeous in her dress!very happy for her!