12 February 2011

Happy Birthday Logan!

Today is a very special day here in my neck of the woods.

My sister (in-law) turns 21 today! 

She is the best sister I could have ever asked for.

Here is why I think that:

1. She loves the Lord a LOT. And you can tell just from being around her.
2. She's got the cutest pup ever. Her name is Sadie Jane.

3. We always go shopping together and she is actually honest when something doesn't look that great on me.  She isn't the kind to say "Yeah that looks good" and think "OMG I hope she never wears that in person".
4. For hubby and my wedding gift, she got us this:

Yep! Our sweet puppy, Penny.  Now if that doesn't make her awesome right there, I don't know what does.

5. She is the sister I never had.  I wanted a sister SOOOO bad growing up and one of the main reasons was so we could share clothes. (haha!)  Well, now I have one and we share clothes when we can! We live around 4-5 hrs away so it's not the easiest task to do, but it's still a dream come true! :)

I love you Lo, and hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever!!!



  1. Such a sweet post!! I love that you are so close with your sister-in-law....you actually look like you could be related!! :)

  2. Wow a puppy for a wedding present, how awesome!

    My husband only has a seven year old sister and my siblings are probably a few years away from marriage (at least!) but I can't wait to have brothers and sisters-in-laws :)