10 February 2011

Grandma's Chairs

So, lately I've been wondering to myself "When did I become a DIY kinda gal?"

I have always loved being creative and crafty, but I really got the itch when I got engaged in 2009 (WOW! Typing 2009 made it feel like FOREVER ago). The main reason I became so interested in it was because I was soon going to have my own home to decorate and fix up myself.  And that got me SO excited. :)

  I got engaged in August of 2009 and ever since then DIY projects, being crafty, and transforming someone else's junk to become my treasure has been a passion of mine. 

I was going through my old photos (I have THOUSANDS in my archives) and found a before picture of our kitchen table chairs.  I redid them in March of 2010 right before I got married so we could use them in our first home.  I got the chairs from my great grandmother's house (she gave them to me for free!) and knew that I could fix them up to look wonderful.  I am excited to share with y'all the transformation.

Here's the before:

1. Nasty old fabric covers the seat. I'm sure it's from the 1960's or earlier.
2. The chair itself was covered in some sort of shiny finish and was peeling off. It was a pain to remove and it took me forever.
3. I liked the lines of this chair and knew I could make something decent out of it.

And here is the after:

Ain't she a beaut?  There is one tiny spot on the bottom left chairleg that got dinged up when we moved from Georgia to NC and I haven't gotten around to touching it back up.  One day..one day.

I got the fabric from Hancock's and painted the chairs this lovely white from Lowe's.  (I don't know the exact color!! Sorry!)

I'll post a picture tomorrow with the chairs and my kitchen table (which I also got for free from my sweet mother!)

 I'm likin' that transformation.  Looks Pottery Barn-esque, I think!

Speaking of Pottery Barn, I have this LOVELY knock-off I just finished and will post it very very soon.  It's one of my favorite projects I've done so far, but definately the most time consuming.  I'll share why when I post the photos.

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Thursday..TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! I will be doing a happy dance once I get off work tomorrow! WHOO HOO!

Until next time,


I shared my project at Feature Yourself Friday and It's a hodgepodge Friday.


  1. Gorgeous! My mother in law has chairs just like those (unpainted)--somehow I don't think she'd let me repaint them :)

    Happy almost Friday!

  2. I love your pretty chair. How nice that its a family piece too!

  3. Love the new color and fabric, really nice.

  4. Oh my, do I ever love that print! It looks gorgeous!