18 February 2011

All kinds of sick... (and a big announcement!)

So when I FINALLY thought I was over this flu stuff...here comes another bug!

I cooked dinner last night for us and our good friend, Colton.  It was a new recipe which I was semi-hesitant to make in the first place but went ahead and did it..

You see, I consider myself a decent cook, a lover of the kitchen, a seasoned chef..something of that nature.  And a recipe named "Sweet and Sour Chicken" didn't intimidate me. So I tried it out..and..


 I (and my husband) decided that I need to not try out any more intricate asian recipes for a while.

It was not good-and our poor guest even said it was.  haha! I knew he was probably stretching the truth when he said "I like it!"

Hubby kindly said "It's not your best dish".  But he was probably thinking "PLEASE don't ever make this again".

It's not that it tasted horrible, because it didn't...but something just wasn't "right" about it.

I followed the recipe perfectly...but you know, sometimes things just don't work out.

A lesson learned.

So after dinner, we sat and talked about this or that and my stomach started feeling a tiny bit uneasy.  I went to bed early and woke up around 4 this morning with a horrible stomach ache. I am not going to share details on what happens next because well..you don't want to hear them.  But I made a bee-line to the bathroom in just the nick of time.

I am really hoping that our friend didn't get sick either!!  He'll never want to come back to our house if he did.  

I went to work today but when I got home, I've been nothing but a lazy bum.  My tummy is still unsettled and I have such a taste aversion to any food right now that the only the thing that sounds decent is sprite and chocolate.  (Not the healthiest of options..)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has cooked something and didn't turn out tasting like heaven?!

I am ready for any kind and every kind of sickness to leave my house!! Being sick takes it out of ya..and I don't like feeling helpless... (although it is nice when hubby brings you chocolate and cleans the house!)

So...who is ready for my big announcement?!?  I've been dying to share with you and am soooo excited to let you know that:

I will be having my first giveaway...very very soon! 

The only thing that needs to happen is for this little blog here, to reach the big 1-0-0.
That's all! 
And i'm not far from it either!!!
(Only 21 more followers needed before I give away something pretty awesome!)

For those of you lovelies who read this blog but haven't clicked "follow", now's your time! You could win some great goodies!  I've made it easy for you too, here's a pic that show you how to follow my blog:

It's located on the right side of my page, and all you gotta do is click "Follow!" 

So, go out and tell your friends, family...who ever!  Because I think you're gonna like what I have for one lucky reader!

Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!
I'm determined to feel better and get out of this house!



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  1. Oh bummer! I hope you feel better and get go outside and enjoy the good weather this weekend :)