24 February 2011

Key West, here we come!

After a long week it's finally time to relax


We are flying out tomorrow morning to have a weekend full of sand, sun, and friends. {and maybe a couple margaritas!}

I will take lots of pictures and be sure to fill you in on all the details from our weekend, don't you worry! :)

I also have a couple projects to share with you guys when I return..including another lampshade redo, DIY picture frames, and I'm still waiting on some materials from my in-laws so I can re-do that sewing machine table I got from Goodwill last week. (I should have all the supplies by next weekend!)
I am also finishing up my wedding slideshow and can't wait to share it very soon.

Stay tuned for those and I'll be sure to think of you all when I'm laying on the beach! ;)



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And I'll now leave you with this song. Enjoy.

(I am not sure who made this, but I thought it was pretty entertaining..haha)

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