25 January 2011


Lately, I've been mildy obsessed with Valentine's Decor.  Partially because I am in charge of making a Valentine's vignette for work (Gotta love being an event planner because you get to do fun stuff like that!) so I've been researching ideas of what to do.

Here's what I've been thinking:

1. Sweet and Lovely Valentine's Vignette
This will have baby's breath in milk glasses,

pink seersucker and pink/blue floral fabric for the table,

baby pink M&M's in apothecary jars

 pink lemonade in a glass beverage dispenser
cute little cupcakes and cakes on pink cakestands
and fluffy tissue paper pom poms
Doesn't that look and sound so romantic?  I am excited to get it all together!!

So, the second idea I had is a "black valentine" vignette.  A little more "dark" but still lovely!

Here's a few ideas:

2. "Bold and Bright Valentine's Vignette"

red velvet cupcakes

black candlesticks

black iron tree with crystals hanging down as the centerpiece

 red punch
red roses
red fabric for the table

and of course some cute cupcake toppers and an "i love you" banner!

whatcha think?

If you have anymore ideas to add, please let me know! I'd love to hear them.

It's been pretty busy over here in our neck of the woods! I worked over 40+ hours last week and now have a few big projects on my plate.  One of them being this (althought it's not that big), another one is getting ideas for an Etsy shop we are opening soon! (Get really excitied, it's going to be all things wedding, party, and entertaining related!)  and lastly, we are also opening a Vintage Prop Shop for the Charlotte area which is a rental shop where you can rent things for weddings, photo shoots, and parties.  We have lots of great things..stay tuned and I'll give you a sneak peak!

Actually, all of those items listed above are either in our prop shop or I am planning on making! 

Tomorrow night we are going to dinner with our friends, Alli and Allen, to uptown Charlotte. Every year, Charlotte has "restaurant week" where all the REALLY nice places drop their prices to $30 a person instead of around $60 or $70 a person! It's a great deal for some great food and we are considering this part of our Valentine's gift to each other. :)

I also have some MORE exciting news! We are planning on going to France in March to visit my brother! Seth hasn't ever been and so I am REAL excited to take him there to see it. It's so neat because we both have french blood, so France is a special place to us. My grandmother sailed from France to America during WWII to marry her husband (my grandfather) and Seth's has some french in him too. (I'm not sure where in the family tree it is, but it's still neat!)

Seth officially applied to all 3 law schools as of earlier this week.  So now all we can do is pray and wait.  I hate the waiting game.  :(  I pray he gets in all three so he can pick where he wants to do! 

I WAS watching The Biggest Loser, but the State of the Union address came on. POO!!! I guess he's an important man... ;)

Tomorrow is Wendesday! Halfway to the weekend!

Have a wonderful night!!


{all photos found through google images or they were my own}

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  1. Love the V-Day stuff! Doesn't look cheesy, which most V-DAY stuff does.

    Btw, pack me, Kie and J in your suitcase for France.

    I need to see Mussi and tell him the sad news I'm married!