06 January 2011


I've been obsessed with this blog for the last few days and wanted to share a few gorgeous pictures from it. It's a wonderful wedding blog called Style Me Pretty and you can go to it here!

 Oh my gosh. Look at that gorgeous cake.  And those flowers are beautiful too.
 These flowers scream "southern" to me. Big and loose and fluffy.  I love em.

How cute is that?  Heart shaped balloons?!?! {Swoon}

 I love the elegance of this cake. 

Umm..can I find a tree like that so I can renew my vows in ten years? hehehe

Sometimes I wish I would have researched more for my wedding, and although I could NEVER be happier with the way mine turned out, it's always fun to look...I had two amazing planners to do all the work for me!! :)

Well I am not feeling well (i've had horrible cough and sinus junk all week) and I gotta get up EARLY tomorrow for work!  Goodnight! 

Xoxo Kait

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