17 January 2011

Self Portraits.

So...i've never been one to really take self portraits of myself. I'm not really sure why, because I love photography but I guess I am too busy being behind the camera and forget to put myself in front of the camera!

  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a few self portraits of myself.  And such great timing to do this because Ashley over @ Little Miss Momma is having a self portrait linky party and I'm participating!  I am excited to start getting over my insecurity of "Am I pretty enough" or "Do I look okay?"---I am embracing the camera!

I hope you enjoy. I sure had some fun taking them and this might not be the last time you see "self portraits!"  Thanks Little Miss Momma!!

If you'd like to play along,  the par-tay is here!

(If you wish to see the photos bigger, just click on it!)

 (I took these in the mirror so it was hard to look into the lens of the camera..hehe)

(See what I mean in the above left photo? I mean, what am I looking at? ha!)

Well 6am is gonna come early tomorrow morn, so I'm off to count some sheep!!




  1. I love the yellow. It was sunny and fun. You did well my friend :)

  2. your eyes are INSANEEEEE :D

    (in a good way)

    such a pretty colour!

  3. cute flower and topknot! i love the b&w ones too, you should do it more often!!


  4. i love all of them! my fav is the one with the kitty :)

  5. love these portraits! :)
    the yellow flower, love it, and your eyes, beautiful :)

  6. I love LOVE the yellow! makes your eyes POP! xx