20 January 2011

Plum wore out!

When my wonderful grandmother (Nanny)  is really tired, she says "I am plum wore out!"  Well, that's how I feel today!

I've been working a lot this week (and I am so thankful for that!) even though I am going to be so happy when the weekend is here! Mr. husband is off on Saturday (praise the Lord) and so we are planning a fun filled day of sleeping in and a night on the town! A night on the town means driving around Charlotte and looking at all the mansions! hehe, we've been wanting to do this for a while now just to look at all the HUMONGO homes.  Speaking of homes, Seth and I have this dream of building a home on about 100 acres of land in the country so we can have lots of dogs, cats, chickens, and of course, children! :)  Although it will be a while before that happens (we have to get through law school and save some money (or a LOT of money)) I have started compiling some photos of what my dream home will look like. 

Maybe one day, we can bring these photos to life-but even if we don't I know it'll be okay because I'll have a beautiful family and a wonderful husband.  (That was kind of cheesy, but true!) 

 I love the ceiling to this kitchen. And the plate rack! My dream is to have a white kitchen. It's just so airy and bright. I also love the blue and white accents.  The dishes that I have would go perfectly!
 Umm..hello chalkboard door!  I would LOVE this to write sweet little notes to the hubby, daily bible verses, chores, and grocery lists!
 Yes another chalboard..check out those awesome bookshelves.  And the cute little sitting area.  The only thing is you'd have to dust the shelves like crazy..and i don't see myself doing that. ;)
 Here is another view of the same kitchen. I love the island  and how spacious it is.  I mean, I could definitely cook up some yummy dishes, dontcha think!?
 A chandelier in the kitchen? Yes please!  I also love how to stove is recessed into the wall.
 Another built in bookcase.  Can you tell I love those? And I love the old coffee table...i'm drooling!!!
 Look at that humongo sink.  But most of all I love the antique cabinents that the sink is in.  I WILL have something like this one day.

Gotta love a farmhouse sink. 
 The house I grew up in had brick floors in the kitchen and I've always loved them.  Maybe I'll have this in my dream kitchen!
 A chandelier AND brick in the bedroom.  Ohmygosh, someone pinch me.
 Look how bright and fun this living room is! I love all the photos on the walls, and the red accents.  It's kind of eclectic, but I really like it.
 Okay, this is the last kitchen chandelier photo, I promise! Isn't it great!?
Lastly, a screened in porch.  I would LOVE one of these so we can enjoy dinner on the porch on a nice cool evening while watching the fireflies and listening to Frank Sinatra. And then Seth would ask me to dance and we'd get lost in  each others eyes...  (Okay, I got a little carried away)

So, whatcha think?  You like?  I think by the time we start building a house, if that's the route we choose for a home, I will have like millions of photos. Oh well, I guess it's better to have lots of ideas than none, right?  

(I got all of the photos from googling "southern kitchens, farmhouses, or southern bedrooms")

On a different note, I made a trip to Hancock's the other night and got lots of wonderful fabric that was 50% off! I am excited to show you what I am gonna do with it!  I have already made two things that I can't wait to share-I'll post tomorrow about them!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  What are your plans for the weekend?  I am going to bring my camera to go "house-hunting" and I'll let you know of  all the mansions we find! ;)


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