07 January 2011

My best goodwill find ever!



I can't believe it!!!  Look what I found at Goodwill yesterday.

It's a REAL Keurig.  AND guess what's even better?


Can you tell I am a little bit excited?

I saw this at Goodwill the other day, and toted it around for about ten minutes contemplating whether or not I wanted it (and if you know the golden rule to Goodwilling, it's that if you have the slightest inkling to purchase an item, TAKE it with you while you look for other items, otherwise it will be gone before you can say "tiddlywinks!")

So, after about ten minutes of thinking, I decided to purchase it.  The nice lady at the counter told me I could get my money back if it didn't work too!  Man, I was pumped.

Alright so now you wanna know how much it costed me, right?

A brand new Keurig like the one I got costs a whopping $139.99

The one I bought at Goodwill costs:


I saved over $100 dollars on this beaut.

Unbelievable if you ask me. 

I am so excited.  And you wanna know something that's kind of funny?

The husband and I don't really drink coffee. HAHA!! BUT, I plan on training myself to drink it.  and i KNOW the hubs will start drinking it once he goes to law school in the fall.

Yay for Goodwill!!!!  

Now, for those of you who shop at Goodwill or Salvation Army, I would LOVE to know your favorite thrift store find..and if you don't shop there, stop by sometime and take a look around.  I've found some great things at such awesome prices there.  :)

Me, hubby, and our friend Colton are off to Barnes and Noble for some Starbucks and books!!

Ta ta for now!!!



  1. My dad just won a Keurig from work and we found that you can do hot tea, apple cider, and chai lattes in them! If you're like my sister with a ton of Bed Bath and Beyond wedding gift cards left over, they sell the individual cups for all those drinks. Enjoy :)

  2. Just came upon your blog when blog stalking! I'm 7months preggo and so am in that can't sleep stage, which is fab as far as blog reading goes!! I'm so entertained by you all :) I pinched your button for my blog so I can share your cuteness with my readers too, hope you don't mind! You write so well and I had to keep clicking around and reading more and more! I'm your newest follower!! xoxo