05 January 2011


Sometimes when our internet messed up, I turn into a big baby and a witch all at the same time. I feel sorry for my sweet husband who has to put up with me.

For instance, yesterday afternoon our wireless internet started to mess up.  Then our modem started blinking red.  Which means that's a BAD SIGN!  

Well we had plans for last night, so we just let it be and got home around 11:30 last night.  Both of us always DREAD calling AT&T..don't most of us?  I hate being on the phone for over an hour for them to go through 992348 steps to fix it and in the end say "Oh, you just needed to unplug it for ten seconds." 

So here's how Seth and my conversation went to see who had to call the AT&T people:

Seth: "You call them"
Me:  "No! I called them last time!"
Seth: "But I am tired!"
Me: "Well so am I!"
Seth: "Please call them?"
Me: "No, please don't make me, I hate talking to them!"
Seth: "Why can't you call them?"
Me: "Because I called them last time!"
Seth: "Ugh..we will just wait until tomorrow to call"
Me: "But I want internet now!"  (Yes, I sound like a 5 year old)

And so on..that when on for about ten minutes and Seth, being the sweet, understanding, loving, husband that he is...called them. 

He was on the phone for approximately an hour.  AN HOUR!  And here is what the guy on the other end of the phone said:

"I think you need a new modem.  You'll have it by Saturday."

Does it REALLY take an hour to decide that?  REALLY??

So..we went to bed and I woke up this morning and decided I would call back, talk to someone different just to see what he/she said. 

I was on the phone for 48 minutes.  At the end she said:

"Just make sure your modem is not close to the DirectTv box."

that was the only problem.

there was an interference with the signals.


does it take almost 2 hours to figure that out??

But alas, I guess it must be a necessary evil to talk to those people for hours in order for the internet to work again..

Iam thankful that it works. But

Can you not tell me why it's not working in like 5 minutes instead of 48???

It's kind of sad how dependant we are nowadays with the internet.  I mean, whenever ours isn't working, I feel like crawling in a corner and whining for a good hour or two.  Kinda sad, right?  But I mean, how else would I get to facebook stalk, tweet, and blog??  Or check the weather, our bank account, or buy some shoes? haha   :)

Enough of my whining,  I have GOT to get my coupons together and go to Harris Teeter! They are doubling any coupon up to $1.98 in value this week!! Wahooo!!!

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