31 January 2011

Burlap Curtains, a necklace and more Valentine's Decor!

I just stuffed my tummy full of Chicken Spaghetti.  And it was yummmmooo.  I will have to share the recipe sometime soon.  I got it from Cookinglight.com so that means it's good for me, right?!

So, after I made these Burlap pillows --->

 I had some leftover and wanted to tie in my curtains with the pillows in our bedroom.  I thought about doing stripes of burlap near the bottom and then decided I wanted it a little more "girly" (Sorry honey!) so I made some ruffles!  The pictures make the ruffles look kind of funky because I took the pictures at nighttime and had to use the flash. If at all possible, I try not to use the flash because the "artificial light" makes things look goofy.  But I couldn't wait to show them, so I'm posting them anyway. :)

You like?  I do!

I think they tie in beautifully with my new pillows..

Ahhh..i love ruffles.  You better believe when we have a little girl (a long time from now, mom!), her booty will be ruffly all the time. 

Like this:

 {Pictures taken from here.}

I want to make a burlap ruffle pillow soon...just gotta make another trip to Hobby Lobby for the burlap..

So, now it's time to take a gander at my Valentine's Vignette! I don't know why I'm calling it a vignette because really I'm not sure what that means, but I've been seeing it called that so I guess I should call it that too.

 Here is the before picture of my buffet/hutch before I decorated it...pretty boring...
 Here is my Valentine's decor!  Now let's take an up-close look at some of the goodies.
 I made this frame out of book pages and just mod podged it onto the frame. Easy peasy, and it looks cah-ute!
 I got this birdy from the Dollar Tree for (you guess it!) $1.00 and spray painted it this lovely melon color.
 I just cut out these hearts from scrapbook paper and taped it to the white plates.
 I added the purple boa that I had left over from my Valentine's Wreath project and the mercury votive holders that are sitting in front of the boa are from Target. The other mercury glass "trinket" is from Pottery Barn (and was on sale for $2.99!! SCORE!)

 Don't mind the price stickers on the bottom of those apothecary jars..I bought them at HomeGoods and couldn't wait to fill them.  Don't worry, I'll take them off sometime.  ;)  Aren't those marshmallow hearts too cute?  Oh and those M&M's in the smaller one?  They are almost gone already!! I should have known that they wouldn't have stayed long.

 I made the tissue rosette ball from this awesome tutorial here. It took me forever and I wanted to make more than one, but didn't have the patience! I love the way it turned out though.

 And lastly, I used an old typewriter that I got from Craigslist (I got it for my work) to write the words and framed it in a frame from TJ Maxx.

So there you have it! My Valentine's Decor...

And finally one more craft I did over the weekend was an adorable rosette necklace.  

I went a little overboard with the pearls but oh well! Can't take them off now!  Next time, i'll remember not to go pearl crazy.  I still like it though. 

As you can see I was quite productive over the weekend and maybe I should send the hubby off more often! hehe, just kidding.  I missed him while he was gone <3

Well, I gotta go get some work done! 
{and maybe make another rosette necklace!}


P.S. If you want to see the Burlap pillows (I have a mini-tutorial!) click here!

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  1. loveeee the necklace. How'd u make it? And the ruffled curtains?!

  2. hey if I send you money for supplies and shipping could you make me pillows? the burlap would go perfect with my couch! and I loved the font!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! I went to school with Seth and found your blog through his facebook page. I love all the crafting you do! You totally inspire me to be more crafty and thrifty. I just wish my Goodwill has good stuff like yours! Also I love your animal children photos :) I make homemade doggie cookies as my main hobby. Let me know if you want the recipe! I have a facebook fan page titled Bella's Bones and I am friends with Seth as well if you want to contact me through that for the recipe. Keep posting all of your amazing crafts!

  4. greaaaaat job kait!!! I really wished that you lived closer so that you could show me how to make all of these goodies :)! haha. Just kidding, I just wished you lived closer so that I could see you all the time.. =)

  5. I'm adoring all the burlap craftiness and Valentines decorations. Did you screen print or stamp the pillows?

    I would love for you to link this up to my party Fridays Unfolded at http://www.stuff-and-nonsense.net/2011/02/fridays-unfolded-4.html



  6. Love your blog. You are very talented. Love the necklace you made and the burlap pillows are very very cute.

  7. I love what you have come up wiht. I posted about it on my burlap blog.
    Hope you like it!
    This is the link: