19 January 2011

100th post and WILW

Hooray, Hooray!  It's my hundreth post!  It's not that big of  a deal because many bloggers have like 1293809845 posts, but I got excited for myself just a teeny bit!

So, today is What I'm Loving Wednesday! Yay! If you'd like to join the party, go to Jamie's blog here!

 I'm loving that the snow has finally melted and it's not freezing cold outside! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it ALMOST looks/feels like spring. It's still in the lower 50's today but man it feels wonderful! I can't wait until it's spring time and it looks like this outside:

I'm loving my cordless glue gun that I got for Christmas! It's so nice to not get tangled up in the cords and you don't have to stay close to the outlet-because it's cordless! If you love doing crafts, this is definitely a worthy investment.

That's not my hand or my glue gun. haha. (It's from google)

I'm loving that we are buying our plane tickets to FRANCE this week! We are going to see my brother who is working there for a year, and to celebrate our one year anniversary! I can't wait for my brother to show us around!

I'm loving that my hubby is cooking me dinner tonight! This is a rare occurrence and it's going to feel great to come home from work to a nice warm meal!

I'm loving my sweet pup.  She is the best dog I've ever had, even if she is terrified of ceiling fans.  Although, since the new year, she has gotten a lot better and will come into our living room (even though we have two ceiling fans!)  For a little background info, our dog is TERRIFIED of fans.  We adopted her from a shelter and we are certain that the owners before her abused her somehow with a fan because she HATES them and will run away if she even sees one.  Poor girl!!

This is her browsing the web. ;)

Well, it's off to work for me!  I hope y'all have a GREAT Wednesday!



  1. Your dog is so cute! We rescued our little guy too and sometimes I wonder what happened to him because the strangest things spook him. Dogs are the best!

  2. Your dog is beautiful. Is she afraid of ceiling fans? or just the kind where she can see the blades on like a little fan? That's so sad...

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    What a fun trip y'all will be taking!

    Your dog looks so sweet :) I'm glad she found a good home!