02 December 2010

Wheel of Fortune

So, I can't believe I've failed to mention this!

I'm going to L.A. next Thursday!!!!  My dear friend, Alli, auditioned to be on Wheel of Fortune this past summer and got picked to be on the show! She is appearing on the show December 9th and me, her husband, and her mom are going to be in the live audience cheering her on! I CANNOT wait! It was crazy how it all worked out because I had not been planning on going...

We ended up looking at ticket prices after our trip to Boone for our Christmas trees and they were really cheap! I also had a Delta voucher for $100 off that expired real soon, so I bought a ticket!  I couldn't believe I actually did it, because I am usually not one to just buy something that quickly..but I did! And now i'm going to California! I've never been, and I am soooooooooo excited to go and see all the cool things.  I may see a celeb or two...i hope so! Have I mentioned that i am excited?!? 

We leave next Thursday and will return on Sunday. I am going to miss my hubby, but I told him I would leave him some easy recipes for him to cook!  I am also going to bring him back a little souvenir. He told me that Pete Sampras (a real good tennis player) lives in L.A. and that if I see him, I have to say "Mr. Pete, my husband is obsessed with you and he would really love it if you could give him your autograph."  haha! (I better google him soon, because i don't even know what he looks like!)

Also, I cannot wait to share my handmade gift I got from my friend, Becky in Idaho!  I'll give you the details tomorrow because I'm about to hit the sack in a minute.

I made a quick trip to CVS and Rite Aid this evening while hubby was writing his essays for law school (or procrastinating is a better way to put it).

I got all this for $3.31 plus tax: 

The total before coupons was $68.56
The total after coupons was $3.31 + tax.   I am extra happy this week because I got stuff I needed ASAP like toilet paper, dish washing liquid, and Advil. I also have $10 ECB's and $10 +up rewards to spend at CVS and Rite Aid (it's like fake money to spend in their store!)

I have almost finished addressing my Christmas cards! I can't wait to share them with y'all.  A little part of me wishes I would've chosen a more "Christmas-y" style for my card, but I still like them a lot.  You'll know what I'm talking about when I share them.

It's time for this woman to get in bed!

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