15 December 2010

What I'm loving Wednesday

Goodness, Christmas is sure sneaking up on me!! I can't believe it's next week!!

I've had a pretty cruddy day, so I am glad to have this to lift my spirits. I know that even if I do have a bad day, there is always something to be grateful for. Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me of that.

1. I'm loving that I got an early Christmas present from hubby:

Y'all. That is a 5 gallon bucket of Chick-fil-a pickles. If you know me, you know i LOVEEEEE pickles.  Especially ones from CFA.  I was SOOO excited when he lugged this huge bucket in from his jeep.  I'm sure some of you are wanting to throw up right now, but I am so excited.  Now, when I got to CFA, I don't have to ask for extra pickles, I can just bring my own! ;)

2. I'm loving that we are trekking to Texas on Monday.  I haven't seen a lot of my family since our wedding (and that's been over 6 months ago) and so I cannot wait to spend the holidays with them.  Also, I get to meet sweet Baby Kie!!

3. I'm loving our new kitten, Claire.  We started out by fostering her, and of course fell in love. She is the sweetest little thing. She purrs when we even walk in the room...you don't even have to touch her! So that's half of our present to each other is her.  And it was a good choice, if you ask me. We love her to death and Huey does too. They play all day long.  So cute.

4. I'm loving that this weekend we are having Seth's family over for Christmas. Since we'll be in Texas for the actual day, they are coming over to celebrate and exchange gifts with us. I am excited to give them our gifts. I think they are going to love them.  Seth has to work on Saturday so that's why they are coming to us..otherwise we would have loved to go to their house, but that's okay! I love hosting people in our wonderful home...

5. I'm loving these shoes...I am thinking I may actually start saving up some money for a pair..I've NEVER spent that much on a pair of shoes, but they are so cute and would look lovely with my new Tory Burch sunglasses that I'm getting for Christmas... :)  I especially love the cheetah print ones.

Well, I am wrapping up a few more Christmas goodies, and then off to bed! Tomorrow will be spent cleaning up, doing a tiny bit more last minute shopping, and spending the afternoon with my wonderful husband! My friend, Alli teaches high school theatre and her production is tomorrow night, so we're heading over to that in the evening.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Thanks for playing along!

    That's so funny that he got you pickles!