01 December 2010

Now it's time to share our wacky Christmas tree story...

So, we went to a choose and cut tree farm in Boone with our friends Alli and Allen.  I saw tons of trees that I "thought" would work, but we deemed Allen the "Tree whisperer" because he would say "no the branches are not pointing up" or "there's a few holes in the back" or "the top looks a little crooked". Haha it was so funny because I'd never really taken a long long time to pick out a tree-I would always look at three or four and then choose one.  I bet we looked at over a hundred trees. After about an hour of looking at trees, we finally found "the one".

If you'll notice, it's pretty darn tall.  However, against the other trees it didn't look that tall.  We thought it would fit perfectly in our living room...take a gander at what it looked like once we got it in there:

Notice the very large branches overtaking the TV stand and end table.  Notice the top of the tree bent over because it touches the cieling.  Yes. it was wayyyyy to big.  I may have even said a curse word on accident because I was terrified that we were going to have to throw it in the lake and get a new one.  But Allen and Seth came to the rescue and doctored it up.
Here is a photo to really tell how big it was.  Keep in mind that Seth is 6 foot 5 inches tall.  That tree had to be well over 10 feet tall.
This is them doctoring it up.
Yay! A new tree!!!  They cut off a lot on the bottom and on the top.  It now fits perfectly and I am planning on making some wreaths with the excess branches.  I need to get on that...
Here are the remnants of the tree...
So..that will definately be a memorable first Christmas tree story to tell our children in the years to come..

Here are some pictures of it all decorated and beautiful!!!

 Haha, this picture is after Huey decided he wanted to climb the tree, and almost tipped it over! You can tell it's crooked..then he decided to take a nap beneath it.  We already had to straighten the tree like 4 times. 

Yipee! All done and beautiful.  And look, it already has presents underneath it! :)

 It was definately a wonderful first Christmas tree experience as Mr. and Mrs.  

I just realized that I haven't shared our Christmas stockings with you guys either!  I made them a few weeks ago, and I think they are just great for this year. I may change my mind on them next year, but I made them all for around $4 total...can't really beat that price!
 Huey cat wanted to be in the picture too.  Also, Seth's stocking has a DVD in it, that's why it's so darn flat looking. haha
See our cute stocking hangers?  It spells Noel, if you couldn't tell.  

I think they turned out pretty cute. What do you think?  The body was made out of Burlap and I stenciled our names on with gold paint.  Penny and Huey's top part has animal fur print on it-hehe, I thought it fit them well..since you know, they are animals and all.My stocking has a fabric flower that I made to make it a little more girly...

And to adorn the top of our fireplace, I added some more Christmas-y stuff. Most of these were ornaments I had already opened and they were only 1 dollar for 10 of them from the Dollar Tree so it was very inexpensive to begin with.  If you know me, you know I love saving money!! Who doesn't?
 This is on our coffee table.

So, there you go! My Christmas decor so far...I haven't decided what I'm doing with my table scape just yet, but when I have it all beautified, i will post it.

Do you have your Christmas tree up??  I hope so- there is just something great about looking at a Christmas tree and drinking hot chocolate.  
Oh yes!! I forgot to share my latest Goodwill purchase-I am so proud of these puppies. They were a whopping 3 dollars a piece..

It's the pillow in the front. It is khaki colored and the design is navy blue. It matches our couch perfectly! The insert is even feather down..I looked at the tags and they are from Pier 1!! I was so excited when I brought them home-I gave the cover and the insert a good run through the washing machine and they are like new!! Can't beat that price of 3 dollars a piece when at Pier 1, I would've paid around 30 dollars a piece for them. Score!!

So, I finally got some antibiotics and am slowly getting better. I've not been this sick in a long long time, and i'm just ready for it to be over!!  I haven't slept well this whole week so I'm really praying that I'll get some sleep soon.

In about three weeks we will be in Texas-I can't wait!! It's been so long since I've been there and it'll feel so good to see family and friends.  

I'm off to try to get some sleep. I think i'll take double the amount of cough medicine this time so maybe i'll sleep a little. ;)