13 December 2010

I saw Arnold!


I saw Arnold.

Arnold Schwarenegger.

I promise!!  We saw him on Rodeo drive in the Ralph Lauren store getting fitted for a suit.  It was wild. It was one of the only stores we went in because we felt like hobos walking in any of the others.  If you are not sure why, take a look at some of the stores on Rodeo drive:

1. Cartier
2. David Yurman
3. Louis Vuitton
6. Jimmy Choo
7.Harry Winston

just to name a few...you now see why we didn't walk in those stores...they would pass out champagne to every person that walked in.  It was so crazy- I felt like I was sinning by just looking at everything! I couldn't even afford a pocket square or the back of an earring at any of those stores. They had shirts for $2000, shoes for more than that, and .2 caret diamonds rings for $25,000. yeah. CRAZY.

But we did walk in Ralph Lauren.  And on our way out, we saw this HUGE man with several HUGE men standing around him..and Alli discovered that it was ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!  It was so cool.  We made eye contact and I thought I was going to turn to stone.  We all got really nervous and hurried about because we were scared those body guards were going to hit us with their massive muscles.  Haha

We had a great time though and I'm too tired to share stories! I will post tomorrow an array of photos and stories though, so stay tuned!

"I'll be back."  

That's what Arnold said in "The Terminator"...haha


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