06 December 2010

Christmas is coming...

Hubby and I had a great, relaxing weekend.  Friday night we went on a date to his all-time favorite restaurant:

 It was yummy! Then on Saturday after he got off work, we rounded up Penny and went to our friends, Alli and Allen's house. Alli and I went shopping for an outfit for when she is on Wheel of Fortune and the guys watched football and talked about tennis. (Imagine that!)  Penny LOVES going over there because there are no ceiling fans in their living room (If you are not aware, our dog is scared TERRIFIED of ceiling fans). Then today, we had the best intentions of getting up for Church, but I slept right through my alarm.  Ugh, I hate when I sleep through my alarm.  We've had a lazy Sunday, but that's just the way I like it.

Seth is off tomorrow so we may make a trip to the mall to get the last of our Christmas shopping done! I am so ready to road trip to Texas.  I can't wait to see all of my friends and family, even if it does take over 15 hours to get there....

Speaking of Christmas..here are a few things on my wishlist!

To a passerby, this looks like a purse..but in reality it is a camera bag! How cute, right?!?! It has padded dividers inside to put your lenses, body, and other camera accessories! You can find it here.

I saw this book in Barnes and Noble, and wanted to do every craft in it! And a little secret: a kind of want to be Martha Stewart...minus the jail time. 

 This lovely cardigan from NY and Company. OMG, this picture does not do it justice. It's SOOOO beautiful and sparkly in person.  And i loveeee sparkles.  The color is so gorgeous too.  A silvery blue...yumm!!

I may or may not have already ordered this camera strap from Mel [V] Designs on Etsy.com for my hubby to wrap up for me as a Christmas gift... hehe, I'm bad.  I had mine custom made though with gray and white polka dotted fabric and a turquoise ruffle.  LOVE IT!  I can't wait to add some pizazz to my camera!

 Yes, that is a cordless hot glue gun! I seriously hope this is wrapped up for me under someone's tree! I use my corded one ALL the time and the cord gets in the way.

I love wearing hoodies in the wintertime and I love pink...so this makes for one great present, if you ask me.

A monogrammed baseball hat.  Obviously, not with that monogram...I just found that on google images.  But one with my own monogram.  :)

Well that's my wishlist.  Mom or dad, if you're reading this... hint, hint!

What are some things on your wishlist?

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