30 December 2010


Wow. We've had an eventful last few days...and I have lots of photos to share!!

First off all, I will start telling about our trip to Texas backwards..

We got back from our 18 hours straight through drive this morning at like 7am.  We were both miserable because we hadn't slept in so long and to make matters way worse I got sick...like throw up sick.  NOT FUN in the car.  Thank goodness I had a walmart sack, otherwise it would have been way worse than it already was.

Seth was a champ and drove 13 out of the 18 hours-he's the best.  And we had two cats and a dog in the car (with one cat freely roaming around) the whole time. haha.

Around 7am this morning, we pulled up to our home.  It was so good to be home-except we set our air on 53 before leaving, so the house was FREEEEEZZIINNNGG.  We threw like four blankets on our bed and hit the sack.  We got up around 2pm this afternoon and now we're about to go to the store to get some cocktails and food for our new years party tomorrow!!!!  I'm so excited, i can't wait!!

 But overall, we had a great time in Texas.  We got to see a whole lot of family, and it was always a fun time.  Enjoy the pics from our first married Christmas!

 This is my younger brother, Grant. He  LOVES hunting and is always shooting squirrels or deer.  Don't you worry though, our family always eats them. He doesn't just kill them for the fun of it...
 I picked it up to examine it and it bled on me.  ICK!
 We also got to shoot skeet behind my dad's house and it was lots of fun. Seth loved shooting all the different guns!

 This my my good ol' cousin bobby.
These are my sweet cats in Texas... well the striped one doesn't look so sweet. He's becoming a grumpy old grouch.

Our first Christmas married! :)

In case you're wondering, those are left handed scissors! As much crafting as I do, I am always complaining about how I can't use the scissors with my left hand, so I'm so glad I got some!

We then went to my mom's house and also got lots of goodies!
 My mom got a macbook air!!

We had a great time in Texas (minus the getting sick part)...

I am still feeling somewhat weak from getting sick this morning so I am going to bed!!

Tomorrow before our new years party I am going to post my 2010 year in review!


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