15 December 2010


Ever since I left for my trip to California, I have felt out of sync with everything!

The house is a mess.

I have GOT to do laundry.

We have nothing to eat, but I dread going to the store.

I still have some Christmas shopping to get done..and Christmas is ten days away.

Goodness, and we leave for our trek to Texas on Monday!

I've been trying to upload some pictures from California, but the uploader is being grumpy and taking way too long.  Instead, I will ramble about us and maybe this evening I will try to upload them again.

To sum up our trip: we had a great time. We did Hollywood, Santa Monica pier, drove the coast of Malibu, ate lunch on Rodeo drive (where we saw Arnold!), spent the day at Sony Pictures Studios watching Wheel of Fortune, drove through Beverly Hills...it was a fun filled trip.

So now here's what on my list:

1. Clean and I mean...CLEAN.
2. Wash clothes
3. Grocery Store
4. Christmas shop..

sounds fun, huh?

To inspire me to get off my boo-tay and get some work done, I am going to share a few Christmasy wonderful pictures...

photos from here
Off to clean!


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