17 November 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving these two kiddos that I nanny.  They are my world and I love them like my own. (If i had any, that is..hehe)

I'm loving this show:

My favorite dancer(s) from the start were Jennifer and Bristol, and looky there! They are both in the finals!!! Bristol is not near as good of a dancer as Jennifer, but I still love her.

I'm loving that I am going shopping tomorrow! I am looking for a new dress for the winter time. Here are a few I have my eye on. ..

Whatcha think? You like?

I'm loving that CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!!!!!  Here is some of my inspiration for decorating my home this year:

 Don't you wish you could just change your bedding to Christmas sheets every single year?  It would make going to bed so much more cozy and festive.  Maybe one day when I'm rich I can get bedding just for Christmas. ha!

I'm loving  that I'm about to go hop in my warm cozy bed, without Christmas bedding, and snuggle up next to my husband. 


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