05 November 2010

Super Doubles, Sarah, and Sweet Babies!

First of all, let me share with you some GREAT, EXCITING news! 

My cousin, Halley had her sweet baby yesterday!  Things didn't go quite as smoothly as hoped for, and he was sent to the NICU at another hospital, but should be able to go home tomorrow! He was stressed out from the labor and they just wanted to keep an eye on him.  Halley is recovering as well and I really hope they will be able to be together tomorrow. I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to hold your baby after giving birth.  :( If you guys have a spare moment in your day, please send a prayer up for them.  I've seen two photos of Baby Kie, and he is the most sweet baby I've ever seen. His little eyes and nose are perfect and that sweet little mouth makes me melt.  Honestly, it makes me want a baby...but NOT YET! I am patient and it's not time yet.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Kie.  I cannot wait to meet you next month and squeeze your little arms and legs! (I love me some baby thighs)  He weighs the exact same I did when I was born. 6 lbs 10 oz  I don't really know why that matters but anyway...

I have also failed to mention another important piece of information with you: Seth received his LSAT scores a few days ago.  He did well and will now be applying to law school in the next couple weeks! It's crazy to think that we will move yet again next August.  I've been doing that EVERY SINGLE year since 2006.  Maybe this next move we will stay put for 3 years (the length of law school).    Thinking about law school and the possibilities that it will bring us excites me.  This will ultimately determine where we live, how many children we have..etc.  Seth and I want a big family.  This means that in order to do that, $$$ must not be an issue.  Sure, tons of people have lots of children on a small budget, but we want to be able to provide well for our children and never have to worry about anything, even their college tuition. We feel that Seth getting a law degree will help with that. Don't get me wrong, money is not the key motivator for Seth's decision to go to law school. He enjoys the complicated nature of law and loves studying it, past and present.  In this world, money is needed to make things happen and we just want stability for our family. 

I am so excited for this weekend: my sweet friend Sarah is coming to see me!  She got married in April ( I was a bridesmaid) and she was my matron of honor in my wedding the next month!  With me living on LKN (Lake Norman) and her living in Raleigh, we don't see much of each other so I can't wait to see her!!!!

I'm sure our weekend will consist of married life stories, some junk food, staying up late, and lots of laughter! Our friends Molly, Alli and maybe Sally and Elizabeth are coming too!  I can't wait to act like high schoolers again! hehehe

I went to the grocery store two times in the past two days...usually I would be cringing at the thought, but since Harris Teeter has SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS this week, I just had to go twice! I will probably go again...

Here are my trip summaries:

1st trip:

 Total before sales and coupons: $64.07
Total spent: $8.87
Amount saved: $ 55.20
Total before sales and coupons: $62.64
Total spent: $9.83
Amount saved:  $52.81
I'm pretty satisfied that I saved over $108 dollars and spent only $19... :)

I think I may have failed to mention in the previous post about couponing some great places to look for coupons.

1. smartsource.com
2. redplum.com

Those are three really good websites-just scroll through the coupons, install the coupon printer application and print as many as you want! Most coupons have a print limit of 2 though, so just remember that.

I think I decided on a Christmas card!  You'll just have to be patient and see which one I choose though! I am excited to share it with you guys.

I am soo tired-bed is next on my to-do list!

Happy Weekend!

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